Sonntag, 14. November 2010

Bigger Than Myself

Oprah I

If you can't reach me, you can't reach me
No matter where you are
A revelation about this idea
To have a voice like this in the world
Look at where I came from
My ancestry
How hard it was to get to where I am
It doesn't make sense to give it up
Every day
You have to work at making it great
You still have tomorrow
I marvel
Every day of my life
Start out the day with a form of meditation or prayer
Some kind of
Thoughtful inward look
At myself and
Something bigger than myself

Oprah II

As a kid
I hated my name
I was so disorganized
I drove this little Chevy Chevette
Roll my hair and leave the windows down
To be seeking and finding yourself
I'm going to be 50 next year
Everybody is called
To do something special
To figure out what your heart calling is and
To be led by that
I'm grounded
Spirituality means more to me than religion or church
What motivates me as a human being
Is being able to understand that
I am here
Growing into myself
Inspired by life
A sense of appreciation
You want to know that you matter
I believe
That God has a plan for all of us
It is my hope and my prayer that
The beacon of possibility
Became a torch of greatness
And light up the world

Oprah III

I walked off the stage
Like one of those out of body things
The respect that I felt
Knocked me over in that moment
Without a conversation

Worte von Oprah Winfrey: Ausschnitte aus einem CNN-Interview mit Larry King bei LARRY KING LIVE am 9.12.2003


  1. Interessante Aussagen einer wirklich beeindruckenden Frau...

  2. Eine von deinen Blog-Leserinnen16. November 2010 um 20:31

    Oprah Winfrey - wie kann man soviel reden!!?? Aber sie gefällt mir! Jedesmal, wenn ich sie im Fernsehen sehe, denke ich: Die hat was...

    Schade, dass mein Englisch nicht so gut ist, kann dieses Interview-Gedicht leider nicht komplett verstehen :((

  3. diese dame quatscht mir ein bischen zu viel, aber sympatisch ist sie!

  4. Not bad, du Poetry-Mann! So hab ich Oprah bisher noch nicht gesehen ;)

    Und du bist irgendwie ganz schön mutig: Klaust dir da was zusammen und machst es zu "deinem" Gedicht - nicht schlecht!